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The Key is to Improve Communication

The numerous specialists it takes to care for a child with special needs do not have all the information they need, when they need it, to provide the best care possible.

By bringing together multiple stakeholders, we create a virtual village that provides the information and support necessary to provide optimal care.

Align Your Care Team
  • Individuals with special needs

  • Families and guardians

  • Teachers and school districts

  • Researchers

  • Clinicians, social workers and therapists

  • Behavioral and mental health specialists

  • Psychiatrists and pharmacologists

  • Insurance companies and payers

Creating a collaborative care platform to improve the quality of care for children with disabilities

Children with autism already have so much on their plate. With the 17minds platform, communication between parents, therapists, educators, and everyone else invested in the child’s life will be seamless.

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How 17minds Helps

Save cost of care and time by having the right information available during therapy and medical appointments

Breakdown information silos and create faster feedback on whether treatment plans are making a difference

Improve reliability and fidelity of data to quickly identify potential challenging times and visualize progress trends

Enable real-time information sharing across teams so appropriate actions can be taken, i.e. when medications were missed.

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