We get asked this question all of the time: Where did the name “17Minds” come from?


Well, this traces us back to the origins of the company, when our team was amidst a conversation with another parent of an autistic child when she remarked: 


It sometimes feels like it takes 17 different minds to care for my child. 


These words stuck with us and have been a major inspiration for the entire team as we continue the journey to integrate everything into the 17Minds platform, transforming the way data is measured and shared around children with autism and those invested in the child’s well-being. 

Our Story

Meet the 17Minds Team


Cael MacEachern

Co-Technology Officer

Since middle school, Cael has been interested in anything to do with entrepreneurship due to the industry’s dynamic nature. Due to his interest in Entrepreneurship, Cael is double-majoring in Economics and Computer Science as a junior at American University. Among his many accomplishments, such as helping other startups, perhaps his most notable is the website he designed for the French-American Chamber of Commerce’s DC branch. Besides entrepreneurship, Cael is part of the 17Minds family because he has a younger brother who is diagnosed with a learning disability and has directly experienced the problems with mental health services currently available. In Cael’s spare time, he loves playing ultimate frisbee, learning new songs on the piano, and hiking all nearby mountains.


Joey Lamborn

Co-Technology Officer

Ever since he wrote his first line of code, Joey has been dedicated to building software for social good. This attracted Joey to the 17Minds team, where he is crucial in helping engineer backend and data science tools to improve care for children with autism. Joey is a junior at American University, studying physics and computer science, and aside from 17 Minds, Joey assists with research for data scientists at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. When not coding, Joey likes impersonating Jimmy Hendrix on guitar, learning new languages, and cooking award-winning cornbread.

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Josh Wilens

Marketing & Implementation Officer

While Cael and Joey are the technological gurus, Josh specializes in the business aspects that 17Minds faces on a daily basis. A current junior at American University, Josh is passionate about making sure no business blockades will stand in the way of 17Minds providing the sought-after help for children with autism. This past summer, Josh interned at a Fortune 500 company and will continue to do so in the fall, gaining access to incredible resources that will aid the 17Minds journey. He is also the Founder and current President of the American University Consulting Club, and President of the AU Club Basketball Team. In his spare time, Josh loves traveling, cycling, watching old Seinfeld episodes, and cheering for the Chicago Cubs.


Reagan Edgren

Finance & Operations Officer

Ever since she was young, Reagan has been passionate about identifying problems and finding solutions for the greater good. In the past, this passion has led her to organizing and building a self-sustainable community garden, interning at a Fortune 500 company, and working for two start-up ventures, one of which focused on solving problems in the mental health realm. It also led her to major in Mathematics and Economics and minoring in Data Science and Finance at American University, where she is a current senior. Reagan joined 17Minds because she’s seen firsthand the lack of attention given to mental health services and believes in the importance of changing that. In her free time, she loves watching movies, volunteering at the animal shelter, and playing friendly games of Texas Hold’em.


Colleen Baldwin

Development Coordinator

Colleen has always had a passion for helping others. Growing up with a severe learning disability, she has personally experienced communication issues and has always been passionate about helping her community. She has conducted research in many different disciplines, most recently in environmental science, heliophysics, machine learning on remote sensors, and psychology. Since 2010, she has been volunteering for kids with disabilities, mood disorders, and is actively involved in the community. Her passion and expertise have led to many awards and grants from NASA DC Space Grant Consortium, National Science Foundation Grant, American University- Physics Department, and Conestoga High School. Colleen has a very diverse background through working with nonprofits, start-ups, philanthropies, government institutions, and academia. In her free time, she is either playing the guitar, hiking, traveling, learning new things, or volunteering!